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What we did:

Time spent on the project to achieve 19 objectives:

31.78 hours.



Installation types with themed illustrations.


When the customer switches to an installation type, the user can enter a number or drag the slider to specify the total volume of space that needs to be heated. The volume calculation changes and the appropriate appliances are listed, (without reloading the page). The sample results vary depending on the selected volume. Additional filters can be used to select manufacturer and type.


When viewing a product, you can save the information about the product itself by sending an SMS. The other menu tabs provide additional detailed information about the product and information about the installation.


The examples of our clients work is a simple gallery - without partitioning into categories. All images are imprinted with a watermark showing the site address.


When the user clicks on the picture there is an auto size increase of the image and the user can browse pictures using the mouse or the keyboard.

technologies used:
Engineering Bureau 'WarmSteel'
Engineering Bureau 'WarmSteel'
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