HC "Rubin"


Website restoration and removal of viruses from the website, updating the website, support in 2013.
Site is designed based on CMS Joomla. To us was no longer valid site with about 10 viruses on sites hosted on all kinds of places. We have removed all viruses and restored the work site. Further refinement produced the site. Rented and set up a new server for the site. The site is on site maintenance on the tariff plan Home


"In Russia, everyone knows everything, but rarely, who knows how. The guys from OpenStart are among those who know what, and know how. Promptly, quickly, efficiently - that's why we use this company. I am sure they will not disappoint us."
Alexander Kushnikov.
Alexander Kushnikov.,
Public Relations for Rubin Hockey Club (Tyumen)
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HC "Rubin"
HC "Rubin"
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