Shushary City Council


Local Authority.

Website development and support.

What we did:

We developed and implemented the design section using HostCMS.

During our work with the site, we identified a number of problems with the control systems.
So we performed a translation from HostCMS to 1C-Bitrix



Developed a module (designed and programmed), which schematically shows in the form of graphs, yearly expenditure against revenue budgets for different municipalities.


When you click on an expenditure item, a blue window appears with the schedule of work.


By clicking on the income item, a green box appears showing an income schedule.


In addition to static pages, the site has two feeds - one features news, the other - different scheduled works.


"Many thanks to the team at OpenStart for the work done! I liked the speed and quality of the work, the adequacy of management and of course the price.
I hope for further fruitful cooperation. OpenStart completed the agreed amount of work in 3 working days, while another similar company could not do the same thing in 3 weeks.
To the team at OpenStart, I wish you good customers and expansion. It was a pleasure to work with you."
Vitally Smirnov.
Vitally Smirnov.,
Leading specialist for the department of works at the local municipal council of Shushary
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Shushary City Council
Shushary City Council
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